Vmath-3rdEd-logoWhat is Vmath?

Vmath® Third Edition is a targeted math intervention program for struggling students in grades 2-8 that provides additional opportunities to master critical math concepts and skills. Vmath delivers essential content using strategies proven to accelerate and motivate at-risk students.

Why Vmath?

  • Delivers focused, standards-based instruction, while also providing foundational skills necessary for grade-level success
  • Wraps around any core math program
  • Provides conceptual development, procedural skill and fluency practice, and application activities
  • Delivers explicit support in the skills expected by new, more rigorous standards
  • Focuses on grade-level content and reinforces skills taught in the core curriculum
  • Provides an easy implementation mode
  • Provides foundational lessons to scaffold the instruction
  • Provides instruction to support the progression of skills outlined in state and national standards
  • Includes comprehensive, built-in assessment


Proven Results

Vmath is strongly rooted in research and has been independently validated in school districts around the country. A study from a Three-Year Cohort (2009-2012) with students in grades 2-8 in 262 school districts from 42 schools shows that students enrolled in Vmath increased their overall proficiency as measured by the Progress Assessments. The Progress Assessments indicate students’ optimal learning range and monitor progress toward grade-level goals. The Progress Assessments yield a Quantile score based on the Quantile Framework® for Mathematics.

Vmath Quantile Gains


The new features of Vmath Third Edition build upon previous editions to continue to drive students to advance quickly to get on grade level with:

  • New modules and pacing guides
  • Dynamic digital environment for both teachers and students
  • Fully integrated digital tools that link to vocabulary, resources, Gizmos and VmathLive
  • Engaging test-readiness lessons to prepare for the rigor of high-stakes math assessments
  • Integrated problem-solving strategies and “Build the Concept” components that guide students through the application of concepts and skills
  • Exercises that increase students' communication skills in math: Write Math, Critical Thinking, and Algebraic Thinking
  • Updated and enhanced adventures that make connections to student learning through projects and writing
  • Targeted assessments that help inform instruction
  • Actionable data to drive differentiated instruction for each student
  • Streamlined teacher materials
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